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ClassMaths Revision

With Dr. Thaddeus FitzPatrick - BA, MSc, PGCE, Ph.D

ClassMaths is about providing Leaving Cert pupils with step-by-step information; thus developing skills that are necessary for obtaining higher exam results.

Each pupil will be provided with a detailed booklet of questions and solutions. During the Saturday revision session, using this booklet, Ted will highlight important parts of the Honours Maths syllabus. He will go through each exam question, allowing the pupils practice time on how to follow these simple methods.

About the Speaker

Over the past 15 years, Ted has been involved in teaching Mathematics in Asian, Russian and European countries. In Trinity College Dublin, Ted graduated in Pure and Applied Mathematics, with the highest grades in both the Junior and Senior Sophister years. He received many academic awards and prizes, amongst these are the Arthur Lyster Prize, Michael Roberts Prize, Minchin Prize, Bishop Law Prize, Hamilton Prize and the Gold Medal.

Ted is a post graduate of Oxford University. He has a Masters in Economics, and a Doctorate in eLearning Methodology. Having gained a great deal of expericence teaching Maths all over the world, he is currently teaching in Gorey Community School.


Revision Material

Each pupil attending the Saturday revision session will receive a wealth of revision material; fully supporting them as they prepare for their final exam in Maths paper I, and Maths paper II.

Revision Notes

Detailed revision notes covering the main topics of the higher level maths syllabus. These notes summarise the key points of each topic in a simple and clear way.

Exam Booklet

During the revision session, Ted goes through exam questions using a detailed booklet of questions and answers.

Inside Tips

Ted highlights how the syllabus has changed; the new format of 2020 exam papers, and the type of questions that could be asked.


Saturday Revision

This session covers the revision of differentiation, integration, complex numbers and proof by induction. Ted will go through each of these topics in detail, highlighting the key points and working through exam questions. Note that there is an additional revision session post Christmas, covering the final topics of the syllabus.


There are 3 locations to choose from.

The revision session in each location covers the same topics. The only difference being the date and location.

Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey
Talbot Hotel, Carlow
Maldron Hotel, Wexford

Hear What Past Pupils Say.

  • Elizabeth W. County Wexford

    Excellent set of notes. Thanks for the tips and explaining the exam questions.

  • John R. County Carlow

    Great tips about the exam. Learned more in those 5 hours than a whole year.


Questions and Answers.

The most common type of questions are answered here, however, you can also contact us by email or phone.

What is the cost of the revision session?

The price is 60 euro per person.

What time does the revision session start?

The revision session begins at 9.00am and finishes at 2.00pm.

Where are the revision sessions taking place?

Gorey, Amber Spring Hotel (23rd November)

Carlow, Talbot Hotel (30th November)

Wexford, Maldron Hotel (21st December)

Do I need to bring anything to the revision session?

All notes and exam questions will be provided on arrival by ClassMaths, however, it is advised that you bring a pen and calculator so that you can write down notes during the revision session.

What will I get from the revision session?

Detailed revision notes and step-by-step solutions are covered by Dr. FitzPatrick on exam questions, including tips given about the 2020 exam papers.

Do I need to print off my Eventbrite ticket?

You can, but there is no need. After you purchase a ticket, you will automatically be added to the registered list, held by ClassMaths.

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